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Wedding Photos of the Bizarre

My own wedding photos are nothing spectacular but it doesn’t compare to these weird miniature bride set-ups from South Korea. Personally, I prefer to think of myself as an equal to my husband rather than a tiny little plaything.

mini bride 

via Jezebel

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Decentering My Viewpoint

Oh puhleeease.

For more on what kids are “learning” through play, check out Lilian’s post at Wrong Side of Thirty.

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Singapore in the UK

I just called the U.S. to change the address of one of our magazine subscriptions.

Me: ## Street Name, SINGAPORE #######

Customer Service: And is that still in the United Kingdom?

Me: @#! No, that’s in Singapore. Republic of Singapore.


Mind My Personal Space

Singapore isn’t as crowded as some other places in Asia, like Hong Kong, but its population density at 16,392 persons per sq. mi. is definitely higher than the U.S. at 31 persons per sq. mi*. So you’d think that people here would be more mindful of personal space and try not to take up more than their share and not to invade others’. Not so.

Example #1

We were at IKEA last weekend and the place was absolutely heaving. It was even more crowded than usual because renovations are in progress. As we tried to make our way through the corridor that led from the entrance to the first display area, a fat-a** woman and her friends blocked the way with their cart while they stood chatting. There was only enough room for one person at a time to squeeze past them. Not being in the best of moods, when I got to them, I pushed their cart aside and said clearly and loudly, “EXCUSE ME!” Fat A**’s response?


Thank you. That’s the way I like it.

Example #2

Stephen, my mother-in-law, and I were hanging out at Singapore Changi Airport’s new Terminal 3 (which is gorgeous by the way). We were wandering around when I called out to Stephen to come over and check out the soft serve ice cream at one of the shops. As Stephen turned to look, a boy about 10 years old pushing an overloaded luggage trolley came along. As I was shouting “STOP! STOP!” and trying to pull Stephen out of the way, the dimwit kid ran into Stephen!

Instead of apologizing to us, his mother tried to blame us for not getting out of the way. HELLO!??!! We’re the victims and you’re blaming US?!

Who lets a 10-year-old push a trolley piled so high that he can’t see where he’s going? And what kind of moron kid can’t understand someone shouting “STOP!!”???

We were standing at the front of the shop and not in the middle of an open area blocking people. And it wasn’t as if Stephen was running around getting in people’s way as he is sometimes apt to do.

Fortunately, Stephen wasn’t hurt badly although he limped along for a little while. He was more scared than anything else.

And to think I’m driving in Singapore now. Somehow I suspect the drivers won’t be much better. Stay tuned for upcoming incidents of road rage.

*Actually, according to Wikipedia, Hong Kong has a population density of 16,470 persons per sq. mi which isn’t much higher than Singapore’s. And this list of countries by population density has Singapore higher than Hong Kong!


What the @#! in Singapore #195

#195 Unwanted touching and comments

a) Random woman pats my 6-week-old baby’s head while she’s sleeping on me in the sling.

b) Random man-woman (can’t tell which) walks by and pats my 5-year-old’s head while he’s having a major tantrum in the shopping mall.

c) Old-lady saleswoman asks if the sling is wrapped around my baby too tight.

“She’s fine,” I reply through gritted teeth with my heaviest American accent.

d) Saleswoman who’s obviously younger than me and probably has no kids comments on my baby’s thin hair (?!).

“She’s only 6 weeks old,” I reply.

“Oh. You didn’t shave her head at one month?*” she asks.


End. Of. Story.

*Chinese custom.


Is your name too masculine or feminine?

What the @#!? The Swedish National Tax Board has denied a couple the right to name their baby girl “Elvis” because the name is too masculine. Coincidentally, Stephen was doing some workbook pages today to help him prepare for the Singapore school system. One exercise had him distinguish between Mary and Ted as feminine/masculine names.

For example:

Tick the correct answer.

Mary is at the shopping centre with her mother.

Mary is at the shopping centre with his mother.

Sheesh. Why not go all out and teach the kids more tricky names like Marion, Sasha, or Hsien?!


Parents Abandon Newborn Twin Girls

This can’t be real.

A BRITISH couple abandoned their newborn IVF girl twins at a hospital – because they wanted boys.

The mum aged 59 and dad, 72, conceived in India with fertility treatment and returned to England for the birth.

They told horrified medics they did not want the “wrong sex” babies immediately after the Caesarean section in Wolverhampton.

~The Sun, May 29, 2008

Somebody tell me this is a hoax.


Soap Hooks

soaphookThis is very odd. I saw these kinds of soap hooks (the one pictured is from Apartment Therapy) for the first time at Stephen’s school in London. Of course, the soap wasn’t pristine and gorgeous like this. It was gray, cracked, and GROSS!!

At first I thought it was a weird soft plastic container the kids were to squeeze for liquid soap until I realized they simply rub their hands on it. The following year, they replaced these soap hooks with wall-hanging liquid soap dispensers that I think are far more hygienic.

via Bluelines


Oddities at Holland Park

Stephen and I went to Holland Park earlier this week and saw this dog toilet. No matter how hard I tried to explain it to Stephen, he refused to believe that it was an actual toilet because there is no toilet to speak of! He thought that someone mislabeled it.

dog toilet

At the Adventure Playground, there was this sign. You see how pushy London parents are? Kids are practicing sums even while they’re supposed to be outdoors playing! Or maybe that’s where you send kids for their timeout. Might as well learn something while you’re being punished.

IMG 7248

Here are a few more pictures of Holland Park Adventure Playground. Click for a larger image.



Your Initials Foretell Success

report cardAccording to a recent study, Moniker Maladies: When Names Sabotage Success, students whose first or last initials begin for A or B tend to be more successful than those whose initials start with C or D. The theory is that if you are used to seeing C or D in your name, you’re less “averse” to seeing those on your report card.

MBA students whose first or last name began with a C or a D tended to end up with lower grade-point averages, and law students with A or B in their initials tended to end up at better-ranked programs than those whose initials included a C or a D. Students with initials from the very beginning of the alphabet did not, however, earn higher grades than those with grade-irrelevant initials.

~The Atlantic

The authors also found that people perform worse if a consolation prize begins with their initial. They conclude:

These findings provide striking evidence that unconscious wants can insidiously undermine conscious pursuits.

Note: if you have none of those letters as initials, then you’re exempt from this bit of tomfoolery.