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Megan’s 18 months now and her personality grows stronger by the day. She’s taken to throwing a fit whenever she doesn’t get her way like when she wanted to play with roach traps at the supermarket and I wouldn’t let her. Right.

Then tonight, we were reading Treasure Island when she brought over one of her current favorite board books from the My Christmas Pocket Library set and insisted on reading it. When I told her to wait until we finished the chapter we were on, she again pitched a fit.

Stephen, who’s getting used to his little sister, said:

Just read it to her! Or else you’re going to have a miserable life.

Very sensible! We did end up giving in to her only because Stephen was ok with it. That doesn’t mean she’s going to get her way that easily. I’ve had plenty of experience dealing with her brother and nothing fazes me now!

Here’s the little imp copying me getting ready for work.

megan curlers 2


Kick Butt

This snapshot from a video of the kids dancing the twist makes me laugh. Megan looks like she’s kicking butt!


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Don’t Photoshop My Kid

A father in Sweden is upset because the school photographer photoshopped a scar off his 3-year-old daughter’s nose. What’s worse, the photog apologized by saying that they “just want things to be nice and cute.”

First of all, our children are not things.

Second of all, just because our children aren’t perfect looking doesn’t mean they’re not nice and not cute.

Even if the girl’s scar wasn’t permanent and was the result of a fall, maybe it would be a snapshot of history to remember that – hey, remember the day of your preschool photo you had that cut on your forehead from falling during hopscotch?


My one-year-old daughter has some pigmentation on her body that probably won’t go away. I hope that she will never be self-conscious about it but how can I prevent that when even the school photographer might find the need to take a few swipes here and there?

I know it’s unrealistic to expect that she’ll never care. Someday she will probably be embarrassed and will probably prefer to wear clothing that covers it up. But I think all of us go through those kinds of phases at some point during our growing up years. In sixth grade, I wore a windbreaker at all times no matter how hot I got because I was embarrassed by my plump, developing body.

Fortunately, I’ve escaped unscathed with relatively good body image. Most likely because the adults in my life just let me be. Just as that photographer should have done.

Dad angry about retouched photo of girl, 3 –


Talking Behind My Back

Picture 66


Another Day In Front of the Computer

Picture 59


I’m With Crazy

Picture 44-1

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Computer Addicts

Picture 27 
Taken in front of the computer staring into the webcam.


My New Baby

Studio17 Laptop Red

Not as cute as the baby who arrived a mere 2 1/2 months ago but pretty darn nice nonetheless. (What made this laptop really special was that it was a surprise birthday present from Marv.)

For the record, here’s how my 2 1/2-month-old looks today.


Doing The Karen Cheng

IMG 8083-1

Inspired by Karen Cheng

IMG 8056

And still a slinging mama. Here I am using my “home” sling which is a TaylorMade waffle weave stretch cotton sling.


In Our Arms

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IMG 7967

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