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Kick Butt

This snapshot from a video of the kids dancing the twist makes me laugh. Megan looks like she’s kicking butt!


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Start a Mommy Blog!


Saw this on Let’s Panic! How true it is.

Also don’t miss their hilarious article – Incorporate Exercise into Every Minute of Your Day! I really need to burn some extra calories (and stop eating so many calories). Still hanging on to too many baby pounds. /sigh/

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Vent of Death

This is the air conditioning vent that blows directly on me when I’m at work. Even though I hardly ever get cold, the Vent of Death has the power to turn even me into an ice cube. Perfect for my ultimate plan to become an ice queen.


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While watching a National Geographic show featuring cuttlefish, Stephen suddenly exclaims,

Ohhh. I thought cuttlefish was “cuddlefish”! Two fish cuddling together.


Our fish tank.

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Maju Covers

This morning, Stephen was jumping on the bed as I was laying out my clothes for the day. After I was done brushing my teeth, I turned back and saw that the bedclothes were all jumbled up and my clothes were all over the place. I put everything back in order all the while grumbling about Stephen messing everything up.

I started getting dressed but couldn’t find my bra. I looked under the comforter again and had Stephen look under the pillows. I even checked under the bed and looked again in the drawers and bathroom. No bra.

“Where’s my bra?!” I demanded.

Stephen shrugged as I continued looking around for both the bra and my mind.

Then he asked, “What’s a bra anyway? Those maju* covers?”

*Maju is our family word for breasts, breastfeeding, and breast milk. :D

**I later found the bra behind the nightstand where it had flown during Stephen’s shenanigans.


Stupid Crocs

cat in crocs

Guess I’ll be looking pretty stupid when I wear my light blue Crocs to the hospital. (Still waiting for D day….)

via I Can Has Cheezburger?


Don’t Drop The Baby!


via I Can Has Cheezburger?

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Obnoxious eCards

baby ecard

fam 56

From via TechCrunch


Looking Hawt


Thought it was time this 29-week pregnant cow got a makeover via Taaz. What do you think?


via TechCrunch


Me? A Dancer?

IMG 7142Do I look like dancer material? British ballet company Balletlorent is recruiting 12 pregnant women to star in MaEternal along with six professional ballet dancers.

Artistic director Liv Lorent:

You can’t get a 25-year-old size 8 ballet dancer type body to move with the weight, the gravitas or the sheer cheerful spirit a pregnant woman.

Clearly, she has not been hanging around THIS 28-week pregnant woman. I have the weight and the gravitas, maybe even the sheer spirit, but I am far from cheerful!

But seriously, it sounds like a great opportunity for pregnant women up to 32 weeks. There will also be an active birth therapist at rehearsals who will “advise on the movements and abilities of expectant mothers.” Maybe she could have helped prevent the bad fall I had last month when I twisted my left ankle so badly that it was swollen and bruised for over a week.

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