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Blueberry Buckle

My mother-in-law came home with three boxes of blueberries last week. What else to do but make Blueberry Buckle?

Another successful and easy recipe from All Recipes. Very nice served with sour cream.

August 20091


Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

August 2009

Finally got around to making these beyooootiful cinnamon rolls (recipe at All Recipes) topped with a touch of cream cheese frosting. Had to add an extra cup of flour to account for Singapore’s humid and hot climate. Otherwise, the dough would have been more like super sticky batter instead of bouncy dough.

Totally exhausted now. Baking dough-based treats is hard work!


Orthorexia – Righteous Eating

baby donuts From The New York Times – What’s Eating Our Kids? Fears About “Bad” Foods:

Lisa Dorfman, a registered dietitian and the director of sports nutrition and performance at the University of Miami, says that she often sees children who are terrified of foods that are deemed “bad” by parents. “It’s almost a fear of dying, a fear of illness, like a delusional view of foods in general,” she said. “I see kids whose parents have hypnotized them. I have 5-year-olds that speak like 40-year-olds. They can’t eat an Oreo cookie without being concerned about trans fats.”

Not a problem in our house. I bought a box of baby donuts from J Co today.



We eat. A lot.

Last week at Teck Kee Tanglin Pau, I bought the following for the five mouths in our family:

  • 4 char siew pau (bbq pork pau)
  • 2 tai kai pau (big chicken pau)
  • 2 big pork pau
  • 2 ma lai kao

While the vendor was packing up my stuff, she asked the next customer, a very skinny woman, what she wanted.

“Two siew mei,” she said.

Two meat and shrimp dumplings in wonton skin about the size of ONE (1) char siew pau. (Compare plate sizes and you shall see.)

Is it any wonder that I still have 10 pounds of pregnancy weight to lose?


Another Old Wives Tale for Predicting Baby’s Sex?

1. Women who eat more calories around the time of conception tend to have sons.

As well as consuming more calories, women who had sons were more likely to have eaten a higher quantity and wider range of nutrients, including potassium, calcium and vitamins C, E and B12. There was also a strong correlation between women eating breakfast cereals and producing sons.

via Think Gene

2. “To calculate the calories you need to maintain your weight, multiply your weight by ten.”

~Submitted to Rules of Thumb by: Dr. Robin Kanarek, in Tufts University Diet Nutrition Letter

Putting the two together, it’s quite likely that #2 may be a boy (even thought the ultrasound indicated a girl). ;)


Wash Before Eating

IMG 5548Before you give your child a strawberry straight from the package, I recommend you wash it first. Because someone else’s child might have accidentally dumped those strawberries on the floor just a few minutes earlier, put them back in the box, and placed it back in the display case.

Just sayen.


False Advertising of Mini Jelly Babies

Take a good look look at this bag of mini jelly babies from Marks & Spencer.

IMG 6883

The jelly babies on the packaging look like fresh, plump, shiny, happy babies. This is what they really look like.

IMG 6888

Do these bear any resemblance to the jelly babies on the package?

Nobody likes this strange powdered confection that is hard on the outside and mushy on the inside. The weirdest texture ever and not at all what you’d expect of a gummy candy. Blech.


Homemade Magnolia Cupcakes

IMG 6868

Just four more days of Christmas vacation left for Stephen so today I gave him a thrill with some homemade Magnolia* vanilla cupcakes and buttercream vanilla frosting. The cakes were nice and moist although a tad too sweet despite having reduced the sugar by 1/4 cup. And as expected, the frosting and sprinkles were beyond gross but that was Stephen’s favorite part.

IMG 6858

*Magnolia is the famous bakery in New York City that was featured in Sex and the City.


Lopsided Cupcakes

After my chocolate chip cookie “success,” my fan club of 1 1/2 (Stephen = 1 and Marv = 1/2 only because he’s hardly ever very enthusiastic about food) asked for chocolate cake. Using yet another recipe from Allrecipes, I created these cupcakes.

IMG 6835

IMG 6836

As you can see, some turned out very lopsided! After some thinking, I realized that my fan forced oven creates this humorous effect. Next time, I’ll have to remember to turn off the fan. Oops. Thank goodness the boys still gave the cupcakes two thumbs up.


Bake Back to the Mixer

For several years after Stephen was born, I couldn’t cook or bake anything that required a blender or mixer because he was scared to death of those two kitchen appliances. He appears to have gotten over it by now which opens up a whole range of recipes I previously couldn’t have considered. And despite my dislike of cooking in general (mostly because it’s time and labor intensive), the boys do seem to appreciate the taste of home cooked food so I’ve decided to get cooking.

Today, I used my new powerful Dualit hand mixer to make these chocolate chip cookies. Not bad but I remembered another thing I don’t like about cooking. After I’m finished cooking and tasting, I can barely bring myself to eat any more of the finished product.

IMG 6800IMG 6802