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What are your hobbies?

needle & thread 1When I was taking Japanese classes, one of the first conversational questions we learned to ask and respond to was: “What are your hobbies?”

For several years, my answer has included:

  1. Writing (blogging)
  2. Reading
  3. Needlework (cross stitch, crochet, sewing)

Now I’m wondering if I should scratch #3. According to Unclutterer, it may be time to say farewell to a hobby if I’ve spent less than 10 hours or less on it in the last 12 months. I have not sewn anything more complicated than a button since July 2007.

The thought of clearing any bit of my stash is depressing. I’ve got about three large packing boxes full of sewing supplies, books, and magazines sourced from all over the world. I’ve ordered old magazines from eBay and collected a marvelous load of goodies during the four-plus years we were in Japan. Most of my stash is irreplaceable and was already hard to find in the first place. It would be MADNESS to get rid of it, right?

I’m thinking that someday when the kids are old enough to leave my stuff alone, I’ll be able to set-up a stitching corner for myself. Right now, having needles and pretty colored thread laying about is too tempting and dangerous for little hands. And having only late nights to stitch isn’t great for my eyesight nor do I have the stamina for it anymore.

In any case, if the ultrasound was accurate and baby #2 is a girl, I’ve got plans to make a kimono-clad dolly for her from a kit I bought that was designed by a Japanese crafter. I hope it will turn out as half as cute as the dolls joybucket makes.

What are your hobbies?


Finally Stitching Again

IMG 6133

Finally, after pledging several months ago to regain my sanity and start stitching again, I’ve done it. This is the progress I’ve made on the teapot cross stitch I started in 2004.

teapots cross stitch Current 13 Jun 04teapots cross stitch 24Oct04teapots cross stitch 8Nov04

Some earlier pics of my progress from June, October, and November 2004.

I’d really like to get this one done so I can start on the Amanda Loverseed Cut Thru’ Rocket.

By the way, Jean has been stitching too and even started her own online store – Needle Little Love. She has some gorgeous designs that I haven’t seen elsewhere. I especially like the Tournicoton patterns .

And so the stitching madness begins again….