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Me on Blogging and Personal Brand

skinny moose mediaSteve Remington of Skinny Moose Media*, a friend from my b5media days, just interviewed me about blogging. I’ve reached the conclusion that for most people, blogging is more useful for building personal brand than it is for earning money directly.

I am certain that had I not made so many contacts during my genetics blogging days, I wouldn’t have been able to make a return to biotech consulting. and show people where I stand on issues concerning genetics, genes, DNA, and the genome revolution and are proof that I stay on top of the industry. If you’re interested in learning more about how to blog successfully and use your blog to promote your personal brand, I hope you’ll have a look at my interview!

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Last Day at b5media

Today is my last day working for b5media as a writer and editor of the Science and Health Channel. I’m leaving to focus on genetics, the love of my intellectual life.

The last 18 months at b5media have been an unforgettable experience. I’ve learned so much not only about the Web and social media but also gained some insights into myself and my expectations for work and career. I thought I’d be able to do a deep analysis of what it’s been like to work for a “global new media company,” but I think that will have to wait. I’m totally worn out from saying good-bye to everyone even though they all know I’ll continue to be b5media’s #1 fan and stalker!

Here are the public posts about my resignation from b5media:

Today, I also officially launch my new genetics blog – Eye on DNA. I added the feed to the sidebar last week. Please come by and help me break the place in!

Thank you all for supporting my past endeavors at b5media. And thank you most of all to everyone at b5. Thank you for your friendship and encouragement. You gave me a way to share my love of science and health. I will always be grateful.

thank you


Genetics and Health on FOX News TV

In this segment about doctors as bloggers, FOX News keeps scrolling down Genetics and Health. It was really cool to see my site on TV but they seemed to like showing off my blog read-out-louder who is hardly a model of good health. They even used him as the thumbnail pic for the video. :shock:

Here’s a screen cap. You can watch the entire video here (click where it says ‘Click here to view your video, “Patient Privacy”‘).

genetics and health on fox

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Stitching Together My Mind

Something in my life is off balance. For one thing, I’m sick again for the third time in as many months. Actually, I was sick for almost all of January which extended into February, and now I’m sick again in March. Sure, I could blame it on Stephen who almost always gets sick first followed by us. He’s in school full days now and is exposed to a lot more germs because he also mixes with older kids on a daily basis. But I think part of my physical weakness has to do with my mental weakness as well

I’ve become too engrossed with work. I’m online from 9 am until 1 to 2 am at night with frequent interruptions in between, mostly to tend to Stephen’s needs. And seriously, I really am hard at work not just surfing around wasting time. I’m constantly reading and reading and reading for fodder that might be good for my own blogs or others’ (those in the channels I manage at b5media). By around 11 pm, my eyes are often blurred and I am squinting at the screen.

Why am I working so hard when there’s really no need? It’s not like I have a high-powered career going here. Or do I? If you know, tell me.

Happy Family Cntd X-Stitch-14X14It’s been fun being really involved in projects that have little to do with childminding but I am getting tired. I need to regroup, find the mind that knew how to relax without a shining laptop screen, and take some deep breaths. First thing I’m going to do this week is to return to stitching. I’ve got enough stash to last me five lifetimes and it would be nice if I actually got around to it before the fabric and other materials rotted.

So here’s my pledge:

I pledge to turn off the computer at 10 pm every night so I can read or do some stitching before going to sleep at 12.

Wish me luck!

*Current time is 10:55 pm. ARGH


Media Blitz


Keeping track….

LA Times Editor’s Picks, March 14, 2007:

Blog of the day: Interesting and helpful news/trivia focused on heart health.

California Healthcare Foundation’s iHealthBeat, March 14, 2007:

Dr. Hsien Hsien Lei, a genetics blogger, said, “The line is very fuzzy” when it comes to maintaining patient privacy. Lei started a site,, that lists blogs that successfully abide by privacy regulations and disclose their biases. “I just felt sites were not upfront about their affiliations,” he said.

Still, Lei said that while medical blogs touch on a grey area, they do provide benefits. Blogs can disseminate research and opinions quickly and provide patients with access to physicians.

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Me and the b5 Crew Chatting

Last week, Shai, Christina, William, Jayvee, and I chatted a bit about b5media. If you’re interested in what I sound like when I’m half asleep, have a listen by clicking the play button on the player below.

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Please Visit

Down on my knees, I beg you.

Please visit A Hearty Life this month.

I’m celebrating my first anniversary there and trying to raise a little money for the British Heart Foundation. None of it comes out of your pocket either. All you have to do is to read a few posts a day and I will donate $1 per 1,000 pages viewed. (I get an average of 50,000 page views per month and want to beat that!) You’ll not only be more heart healthy, you’ll be contributing to public health and awareness of heart disease as well.

Please please pretty please? Won’t you visit A Hearty Life today, tomorrow, and the next day?

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Me and Web 2.0

Ever since I started devoting most of my non-Stephen time to professional blogging, it’s been a challenge explaining to people what exactly it is I do. Saying I’m a blogger seems so frivolous yet I take it very seriously, but calling myself a writer seems a little pretentious although it’s accurate as well. I would still like to say I’m a scientist* but I haven’t been one for many years now.

When b5media received venture capital, it began calling itself not just a blog network but also a “new media company,” which means diddly squat to most people everyone I talk to. John Evans calls Syntagma a “publisher of network magazines” and his bloggers “digital authors.” Huh?!

In a nutshell, it’s Web 2.0. If we create any type of content on the Web whether it’s blogging, podcasts, videos, or even just comments on these, we are part of Web 2.0. b5media VP Ops, Mark Evans, explains:

To me, a basic definition of Web 2.0 is it?s active/dynamic Web; the place where people do things. This is different from Web 1.0, which was static and mostly involved accessing material that you would have otherwise had to have read in a newspaper, magazine or book (and all those flawed IPOs made by companies with little revenue and but lots of hype).

Here’s a video that helps describe the essence of Web 2.0 created by Professor Michael Wesch of Digital Ethnography @ KSU. Too bad I can’t show it to everyone who asks what I do but I may send them the link to this post.


*Stephen knows that Mama is a scientist, Baba is a general manager, Gong Gong (grandpa) is an engineer, and Po Po (grandma) is an office manager. He also knows which big internet companies my sister and her husband work for.

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Going to London Toy Fair

I have the opportunity to go to next week’s London Toy Fair BUT I can’t decide if I should bring Stephen or not. Come take my Play Library poll and help me decide what to do!

Should I go to London Toy Fair?


b5media Montage

William at Artist Hideout has created this amazing montage of b5media blogs that together form three amazing people – VP Training and Development Darren Rowse, VP Operations Mark Evans, and CEO Jeremy Wright.

My eyes are bugging out trying to find my blogs but William tells us that the over 100 blogs in the network are all represented.