Last Updated December 2009

Since starting a blog in November 2003, I’ve had the good fortune to meet some of the people who’ve made blogging so rewarding. Thought it might be fun to keep a list of bloggers I’ve met so far. Hopefully the list will continue to grow.

Enoch Choi (R) with our mutual friend Al
at a barbecue last week.

  1. abigailvr
  2. Amelie
  3. angeliatay
  4. daynema
  5. Enoch Choi
  6. Jason Bobe
  7. Jeremy Wright, b5media President
  8. Jill
  9. jopeck
  10. Laura
  11. Lisa Lee
  12. M@ – I only just got this clever nickname of his.
  13. Matthew Sparkes
  14. oiseauxbleu
  15. Peter Jenkinson
  16. pr0ncess
  17. sonday
  18. Snowy
  19. Stew
  20. Thomas Goetz
  21. Ted Fong (my brother-in-law)
  22. Jean Angus
  23. Shai Coggins

If I’ve forgotten you, please let me know!