I’m going back to work tomorrow (in an office! /gasp/) and I hope I’ll be as amazing at my job as Edmund Khong aka Captain Dazzle who patiently created balloon sculptures for the kids at Fidgets indoor playground this afternoon. Stephen thought Captain Dazzle was “super awesome.”

Captain Dazzle Captain Dazzle with his Elmo balloon creation

Here’s what I learned from Captain Dazzle about doing a good job:

  1. Captain Dazzle knows how to prioritize. He knew exactly who was next even though the kids were often clustered around him out of line and cutting in front of each other.
  2. Captain Dazzle is creative. The balloon sculptures he made were amazing including one called the “twister” that consisted of a long clear balloon twisted around another colored balloon. Inside the clear balloon was a small balloon ball that rolls from top to bottom when you invert the twister. Genius.
  3. Captain Dazzle keeps the kids’ needs in mind. Even though the kids were plenty entertained watching him make the balloon sculptures, he also asked the next kid in line what sculpture s/he wanted and what color. Then he would ask the kid to hold the uninflated balloons to get ready for being next. Anticipation!
  4. Captain Dazzle has a great sense of humor and never stopped smiling.
  5. Captain Dazzle is not afraid to be himself. Just check out those big red shoes!
  6. Captain Dazzle works hard. He stayed at least a half hour longer than he was supposed to and kept making balloons for the kids because they wouldn’t stop asking.

Thanks, Captain Dazzle! We were really lucky to have bumped into you.

FYI, Captain Dazzle is at Fidgets on Wednesdays starting at 3:30 pm.