image Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska announced on the 4th of July that she is ending her term early and not seeking a second term.

Sometimes it’s just easier to get out. Starting anew means pursuing other opportunities to win. Whether she’s headed for a presidential campaign or president of the PTA doesn’t matter. Her stint as governor of Alaska and her bid at the vice-presidency of the U.S. didn’t go the way she’d wanted so maybe it seems better just to end it and call it quits. Why stick it out for more humiliation?

Palin’s a success by many people’s standards but she obviously hasn’t been the best at everything (understatement of the year). Along with the success, there have also been failure and embarrassment.

I understand her decision because I think I’m a bit like Sarah Palin (although hopefully not quite as barracuda-like). I would also guess she suffers from imposter syndrome. And when she says that she has “never been one to waste time or resources,” I think she’s mostly referring to her own time and resources rather than the state’s. It can be easier and more enjoyable to put your efforts into something new rather than continue struggling towards a goal that may be unattainable.

I’ve done the same myself.

  • Didn’t make concertmaster and second chair first violin isn’t good enough? Quit violin and be principal string bass!
  • Can’t be bothered with existing school clubs? Resurrect the defunct Spanish club and become de-facto president!
  • Advanced chemistry and physics too daunting? Quit pre-med and go public health!

In all of these situations and more, I’ve found other paths. Not necessarily better or worse but plenty good enough. Sarah Palin has not done what most everyone else would have done or advised. Yet despite her surprise resignation, she still has plenty of other opportunities to succeed.

I am no fan of Sarah the barracuda but I support her decision to quit.

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