custom kindle screensaverTwo weeks ago, my sister brought an Amazon Kindle electronic reader for me from the States (I live in London, UK). Since then, I haven’t gone a day without using it and obsessing over it by reading every mention of it via my RSS feed subscriptions. It is quite possible that I spend as much time reading comments and reviews of the Kindle as I do reading material on the device itself!

What I’ve read on the Kindle thus far:

  • The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and Jeffrey Zaslow

    Currently, this book is only available in hardcover, audio CD, and Kindle formats. If I didn’t have the Kindle, I would have waited until the paperback version and by that time, would have probably forgotten all about it. I think this is one of the powers of the Kindle. Readers can read the latest books at a reasonable price (Last Lecture Kindle edition is $9.99) and authors can get faster gratification from seeing their books sold and read soon after first publication.

  • The Fortune Cookie Chronicles by Jennifer 8 Lee

    Another book I would have put on my long long books wishlist. Who knows if I would have ever gotten to it had it not been available on the Kindle! As it is, I not only read and enjoyed this book about Chinese-American food and culture in general, I’ve purchased a hardcover copy for a friend who I think will be nodding her head all the way through it.

  • The Sunday New York Times

    I’ve taken to buying just the Sunday issues for 75 cents each week. Having the newspaper on my Kindle means that I can browse the articles at leisure no matter where I am without any of the mess and bulk so I’m able to recapture some of the serendipity of flipping through the paper version. I miss the pictures and diagrams but can always have a peek at them online if the story really moves me.

  • Time magazine

    Not a great experience. I miss the glossy pages and the photos. No more magazine purchases for me, I’m afraid.

  • Drums of Autumn and The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon

    I succumbed to downloading these to my Kindle even thought I own the paperbacks. Both of these (#4 and #5 of the Outlander series) are well over 1,000 pages and when I couldn’t crack the spine of one while reading, I got frustrated and went Kindle instead. My tired eyes (increased font size) and numb arms thank me!

So would I recommend the Kindle to other people? It depends.

If you travel frequently on public transportation or take longer trips, get a Kindle.

If you move frequently, especially to different countries, get a Kindle.

If you sometimes struggle with font size, get a Kindle.

If you have limited space for paper version books in your home, get a Kindle.

If you like buying hardcover new releases and want to save some money, get a Kindle.

What I think is really silly about my owning a Kindle is that I have no wireless access overseas meaning I have to download everything via USB whereas people in the U.S. in the wireless coverage area can download directly to their Kindle from (what seems like) thin air. In essence, my purchase subsidizes everyone else’s use of the wireless network! Nonetheless, the Kindle is a handy and convenient gadget for anyone who reads on a daily basis.

NB: I haven’t written up a list of likes and dislikes of the Kindle simply because so many others have done it. If there’s interest, I shall do so next Sunday provided baby #2 hasn’t arrived!

Photo credit: Custom Kindle Screensaver by Scurzuzu.

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