man walking dog 4Stephen and I have been working on his reading using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (mentioned before). The other day, we hit lesson 60 and I thought the accompanying story was odd.

The Man and His Bed

A man had a tub. He said, “I like to sit in this tub and rub, rub, rub.”

Then the man said, “Now I will sleep in this bed.” But a dog was in his bed.

The dog said, “Can I sleep in this bed?”

The man said, “No. Go sleep in the tub.”

The dog said, “I like to sleep in beds.”

The man said, “This dog likes to sleep in beds. So he can sleep with me. But I do not like dogs that bite.”

The dog said, “I do not like to bite.”

So the man and the dog went to sleep. And the dog did not bite the man.

What the @#!

Update: At William’s request, here’s the illustration that accompanied the story. No tub action, thank goodness.

IMG 6687