Remember when I mentioned last year that Stephen’s school district is exceptionally strict about absences? We missed four days at the start of this term because we returned from California late and had bad jetlag as well. Today I received a letter from the Head of Service Education Welfare & School Attendance (sic).

An excerpt:

The School and Local Education Authority are very concerned that you have taken Stephen out of school during term time.

It is out of concern for Stephen that I write to you in this way. We think it is important that all parents should be aware of the implications of holidays during term time, the lack of continuity of education and reduced progress for their child, the disruption for other pupils in the class who may suffer as a result, the additional work and planning for teachers and the demand on school places in [our school district].

prison guard 1

Please don’t throw me in jail! I figured it wouldn’t be a huge deal because he’s only four years old….