punctuationIn the process of looking up punctuation for headlines (no periods at the end, please!), I learned that you’re not supposed to use underline for web publications because it makes it look like a clickable link.

Oops. I was doing it all the time for the questions I like asking people at the end of posts.

When I told Christina, she said:

Christina Jones says : i hate underlined stuff :)
Christina Jones says : i always think it’s a link ;)
Hsien Lei says : lol
Hsien Lei says : i was doing it for the questions i ask at the end of a post because i saw another blogger do it
Hsien Lei says : dammit
Christina Jones says : or i have a compulsion to at least check
Christina Jones says : it’s personal preference – whatever makes you happy – if we all did the same thing, life would be mighty dull
Hsien Lei says : oh shut up
Hsien Lei says : i don’t care about happy. i care about doing things right.

Today I pledge to italicize instead of underline. Profound apologies for my previous transgressions.