Darren at ProBlogger.net cracked me up this morning with his list of 8 Signs It Might Be Time to Take a Break from Blogging. His commenters come up with more good ones too. Here’s my list of signs for when it’s time to escape from the shackles of my computer.

  1. Every single blog comment or email annoys you.
  2. You ask your husband to turn on his Skype even when he’s sitting next to you on the sofa.
  3. You fold down the corner on every page of the magazine/newspaper/book you read because there’s something suitable for one of your blogs or a friend’s.
  4. You hold off going to the bathroom just to blog one more post.
  5. You have more than one stats package installed and check them all multiple times a day.
  6. You ask random strangers if you can take a picture of them for your blog.
  7. You “talk” to your online friends more than people you see face-to-face on a regular basis.
  8. You take pictures of everything and anything (hopefully not when it’s inappropriate!).
  9. You do something simply because it’s bloggable and not really because you want to (which can be good if it gets you trying something new).
  10. You get obsessed making a list of reasons why you need a break from blogging.

I really needed a mental health break yesterday and got it by taking the morning off for breakfast at a local cafe. I think I’ll make it a weekly thing to go out and do something besides sitting in front of my computer. Next week, I think I’ll head over to the Darwin Centre at the London Natural History Museum. It’ll be quite novel to go there without having to carry a pre-schooler in my arms part of the time.