In November 2005, my first profitable blogs, Genetics and Health and Play Library, joined b5media. Back then, I was blogging as a lark, mainly for fun and the satisfaction of contributing something to society beyond raising a small child, which is my primary responsibility, of course. Since then, I’ve started a heart health blog, A Hearty Life, and assumed responsibility as channel editor of the b5media Science and Health Channel as well as the Family and Relationships Channel. It’s been a rewarding journey and I’ll always be grateful to Shai Coggins for getting me started and for the other founders–Jeremy Wright, Duncan Riley, and Darren Rowse–for believing in us bloggers.

Yesterday, b5media announced that we’ve raised US$2 million from two venture capital firms. Everyone is beyond excited at the thought that we will finally be able to do more and be more. I’m personally looking forward to being able to provide more support to the bloggers, making my channels stronger and more interesting, and continuing the work of sharing information that makes everyone’s lives healthier and happier. After all, money doesn’t mean anything unless you have your health and happiness.

I hope you’ll come visit my blogs and my colleagues’ blogs at b5media. We already have a lot to offer. Eventually, we’ll have something for everyone. In fact, I’d be willing to bet there’s already at least one blog there you’d love. :)

PS Just have to give a shout out to Christina Jones who makes b5media extra special for me.

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