Darren at ProBlogger is asking everyone what their blogging habits are. He’s actually calling it Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers so I don’t know if I truly qualify but since I am trying to blog for a living, I thought it might be good for me to reflect on what works for me and what doesn’t.

What Works For Me

  1. Writing in the morning, especially when Stephen’s in school. But if he’s home, I work pretty well in my pajamas as long as the flow isn’t broken up by having to get dressed.
  2. Having peace with no interruptions. I don’t seem to write well with music playing or the TV on. I still sometimes have more fun singing along to a CD but I know I won’t get as much done.
  3. Taking the time to browse newspapers and magazines. Serendipity plays a large part in blogging; shiny bits always catch my eye as I’m flipping through. I don’t always blog specifically about the article, but they might spark an idea or two.
  4. Making sure I make the rounds of other blogs in my niche or written by friends at least once a week. Blogging isn’t a one way street where others come to visit you and you don’t visit them. Everyone likes to know that you care about them and what better way to show it than visiting their blog. In that vein, I answer every single comment and so should you!
  5. Carrying a notebook with me wherever I go. Inspiration strikes at the oddest moments. On Saturday, I was at Marks & Spencer with Marv and Stephen when we stopped for a tea break. I must have been worrying over something when I got the idea for this earlier post.
  6. Setting goals. Since I have committed myself to blogging at b5media, I make sure I post on each blog at least once a day even on weekends. When I don’t, I feel incredibly tense until I do. Is this a sign of addiction?
  7. Writing original thoughts, opinions, and content. I don’t tend to regurgitate what others have said, do summary-type posts, and even tend not to post on something that others have written on unless I think it is really important.
  8. Making it easier to post on weekends with weekly series. I feature other blogs, have quizzes, or some other type of set idea for weekend posts when I’d like to spend less time being original.

What Doesn’t Work For Me

  1. Blogging late at night. My eyes get really fatigued by the end of the day and I generally avoid blogging after 9 p.m. if I can avoid it. In fact, I’d prefer not to be on the computer at all after 10 if possible but some days, there’s just too much to do.
  2. Trying to dash off posts. i need a decent amount of time to think through ideas. When I’m in a rush, everything comes out garbled with typos galore.
  3. Not taking a break from blogging and being too full-on. I make it a point to do some unrelated reading or other activity so my brain can recharge.
  4. Writing in a snarky, unpleasant, or attacking tone. This way of blogging seems to be popular now but I don’t like it. I may be critical and analytical, but I try to control myself and focus on my own thoughts and opinions.
  5. Posting in advance. This works for a lot of people but I seem to lose the spontaneity when I try to schedule posts for posting later. I still do it for times when I’ll be away but I know that these posts tend not to be as lively as others.

I’m sure I can think of others but I’ve already broken one of my rules by posting this after midnight. Hope this wasn’t too rambly and incoherent.

What habits keep you blogging?