Once again, Google’s helping me procrastinate. Check out the results on Google Trends when I compared search and news reference volumes for boys, girls, women, and men.

Red: girls; Yellow: women; Green: men; Blue: boys (aren’t the color assignments so appropriate?)*
Click for larger image.

Why do people search most for girls and women? Are we more special? And notice how the news about men has recently overtaken news about women in 2006. Backlash! Backlash! (Just kidding.)

Food for thought, don’t you think?

*A: Cong committed to women’s reservation
NDTV.com – Feb 23 2005
B: Women’s tours in demand in Shanghai
China Daily – Mar 8 2005
C: US To Release Iraqi Women
KUTV – Jan 26 2006
D: Women in Islam
Malaysia Kini – Mar 8 2006
E: Six drugs trial men in hospital
CBBC newsround (audio) – Mar 16 2006
F: Men’s tennis roundup
Times Herald-Record – Apr 6 2006

Idea from Jayvee