First, I got me a new job at and thought I was finished with taking on new responsibilities. But I just couldn’t stop myself.

I’ve taken on a new channel at b5media as the editor of the newly created Family and Relationships Channel. It’s a natural fit because one of my blogs, Play Library, belongs to the channel and family and relationships are what life’s all about anyway, right? So basically, my two channels at b5media encompass all of what makes life worth living: science, health, family, and relationships. :D

Aside from Play Library, there are currently five other great blogs in the Family and Relationships Channel written by wonderful women.

  • Dating Dames written by Gayla McCord and Sasha Manuel. For anyone who’s been in the dating game, you’ll totally know what Gayla and Sasha are talking about. Why is it so hard to find the right person??? Luckily, my search ended in success more than 13 years ago. /cue “awwww”
  • Our One Heart written by Christine Gooding. All about weddings and romance, Christine covers everything from celebrity couples to the latest bridal trends. I didn’t have a big wedding, myself, but it’s still fun to see what craziness people get up to for theirs.
  • Babylune written by longtime blog friend, Kate Baggott. Kate recently had her second baby and is sharing her postpartum experience as well as offering advice and information to others during their babymoon and beyond.
  • Thrifty Mommy is written by Kelly Saunders who is the sweetest blogger you’ll ever meet and she’s got really helpful hints on where the good sales and deals are.
  • Weary Parent is a blog that ALL of us with kids can identify with and is written by SP Bragg who had her share of weariness with two kids who are all grown up now.

So that’s the current line-up of blogs in the b5media Family and Relationships Channel. There are more blogs coming soon including one by my blogging mentor – Jean of riceandsoup. Come visit each and every one again and again!

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