Over at Successful Blog, Liz asked another of her penetrating questions:

If you were known for one attribute, skill, or competency what would you want it to be?

She said it was a tough question, but I thought it was easy.

I have always wanted people to think I am:


I’ve never wanted to be known as the pretty one because physical beauty fades. We all become wrinkly bags eventually no matter how much effort we make.

I’ve never wanted to be known as the nice one because it seemed like a trait that people would take advantage of. Nice people finish last, don’t they?

I’ve never wanted to be known as the friendly one because I don’t care to have a lot of friends or go partying. Being friendly takes too much energy and time.

My ambition is to be smart, insightful, thoughtful, and original in every aspect of my life. As Liz said, I would hope that people could tell I was smart from what I say or don’t say, what I wear, my tone of voice, the look of my space, the look on my face, the way I shake hands, and the quality of my work.

A former classmate once called me a “smart cookie.”

Thank you very much, Denise!