Today’s the big day. Cotton-Pickin’ Days v. 2.0 is officially my online place of abode now. With the generous help of b5media, I’ve finally got a place to call my own, complete with my own address –

For two years, Cotton-Pickin’ Days was in a rented space at LiveJournal. The community was warm and welcoming, the decor acceptable, comfort and ease incomparable, and the cost more than affordable. I expected to be there for a long time.

But just as I am accustomed to moving every few years in real life, I was always on the lookout for a bigger online space; someplace that I could customize and individualize to suit me. And I think is the place.

The move doesn’t come without a few nervous feelings. While I will continue to visit my friends at their online homes, I’m worried they won’t come visit me. Maybe it’ll be too much trouble or too far away to come over for our customary chats and virtual cups of coffee or tea. But, now there’s the opportunity to make new friends who will hopefully find this home a little more welcoming.

My door is always open to both old friends and new.