In a friend you find a second self. ~Isabelle Norton

LTF, a friend from junior high, found me last week. She’d been asking mutual acquaintances about me and after doing some online searches, she found me via About Weblogs Network. Over e-mail, we’ve caught up on each other’s lives and exchanged pictures of family and kids. It’s hard to believe that we were close friends almost 20 years ago and haven’t seen each other since 1988.

It’s not the first time serendipity has brought a childhood friend back into my life. Last year, my sister bumped into a high school friend, JK, at an outlet center’s In-N-Out Burger. My sister was telling her own friend about me over lunch and JK was at another table with her husband and toddler son. When she overheard my name, she approached my sister and they exchanged contact info. Since then, we’ve been in touch, but haven’t rekindled the friendship. We’re all busy with our own lives and it takes a lot of effort to keep in touch (although I suppose they could read my blog for random updates).

Finding out that people from my past were thinking about me made me feel special. Every now and then, I’ve Googled a few people and usually don’t find any truly revealing information. And I’ve definitely never taken the trouble to try and re-establish contact. Simple curiosity made me wonder where life has taken my old friends but in many ways, I still care about them.

These childhood friends meant a lot to me at one point. They were part of my everyday life; we gabbed on the phone for hours (sometimes tying up the phone line so my parents couldn’t reach home), and we got on each other’s nerves for the silliest things. (I still remember when a few thought it was funny to take people’s personal belongings and hide them much to my extreme annoyance.)

None of us are the same people we were 20 year ago or even five days ago, but when we were together, we shared little bits of ourselves with each other. Little gems that I will treasure forever and are part of my sense of self.

Thank you to:

  • LTF for guiding me along music’s path.
  • JTP for showing me kindness.
  • JK for always lending an ear.
  • DPL for being strong and dependable.
  • JMS for your humor.
  • ASC for putting up with my nonsense.
  • SSW for inspiring me to try new things and have no regrets.
  • WHLK for your generosity.
  • My sister and friend, MLF, for putting up with me and being a partner in striving for excellence.
  • And, everyone else, especially my online friends, for teaching me understanding and awareness of other points of view.

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